Healthy lifestyle is a really important aspect of people's lives, and correct diet is crucial part of it. That's why we have built FitLineFood - web application that helps dietitians and their patients.

If you are a dietitian, FitLineFood will help you organize your patientsmedical and nutrition history, and determine best diet that fits their needs. You will also see what they eat every day and how much nutrition value their meals contain.

If you are an individual, FitLineFood gives you an Android app where you can see the diet recommended by your dietitian. The app will also show you some suggested meals and allow you to report your real nutrition habits back to your dietitian.

FitLineFood has been built as a dedicated application for a selected dietitian in Poland.

TECHNICAL DETAILS In this project, we were responsible for Drupal back-end development. From technology perspective, we have chosen Drupal 7 as a framework, and added quite a bunch of custom code organized into well-defined modules. This way we were able to get big part of functionality in place very quickly.

In our work, we heavily used Drupal Features module to put all configuration into the code and manage our development process using Git and Jenkins. Thanks to automated Behat and SoapUI tests, we were able to achieve great quality and quickly detect any bugs and regressions.

FitLineFood synchronizes data between web and Android application using RESTful web services. It utilizes Services module. Integration architecture relies on "messaging" mechanisms - each event in the system (like change of user profile or his diet preferences) causes creation of a notifications, which are queued using Drupal Message API and delivered to Android app with Services interface.

SUMMARY FitLineFood helps real people to cope with their nutrition problems. We feel it's great that we could help people in such an important way.

If you believe that you also have a problem that we can help you solve - contact us.

Skills utilized in this project: Back-end development, PHP, Data migration, RESTful, Drupal module development, Drupal web application development Our role in this project: Drupal developer

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